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Frequently Asked Questions2019-11-07T16:02:46+00:00

If you would like more information that was not covered on the website, here are our most frequently asked questions and their answers.

What Are Infinity cells?2019-10-30T21:23:19+00:00

A. Infiniti Cells™ are a simple, safe and regenerative therapy that can stimulate and strengthen your body’s internal repair system.

Are they safe?2019-10-30T21:23:44+00:00

A. Safety is an essential and extremely important fact when considering stem cell therapy. Blood banks screen their cells for 8 different pathogens. Infiniti Cells take the screening to the next level by adding an additional 5 pathogens plus bacterial, fungal, and yeast cultures. Our team wants you to be certain that the cells you give yourself, family, and clients are the best of the best.

Where do they come from?2019-10-30T21:24:03+00:00

A. Infiniti Cells are sourced from thoroughly screened, human umbilical cords donated from a healthy mother and healthy baby.

How long does it take?2019-11-07T06:52:08+00:00

A. Every client gets a dedicated one-on-one consultation to discuss your unique therapy plan. From there, the Infiniti Cell therapy on average can take between 15-30 minutes depending on your needs. Follow up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your successful results.

Are there any side effects?2019-10-30T21:25:35+00:00

A. The majority of our clients see no side effects at all, however clients with a sulfa drug allergy may experience a minor reaction of flu-like symptoms. These symptoms usually last between 24 and 48 hours. Not all clients with this allergy will experience a reaction.

Is this covered by my insurance?2019-10-30T21:26:04+00:00

A. Stem cell therapy is not covered by insurance at this time. The cost is affordable when compared with the cost of most deductibles or co-pays.

Are they FDA approved?2019-10-30T21:27:10+00:00

A. The FDA does not approve natural therapies. Infiniti Cells meet and exceed all the current FDA guidelines that are in place. The labs we work with to house and process the cells are overseen by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) and follow the guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization), NIH (National Institute of Health), AABB (American Academy of Blood Banks), and AATB (American Academy of Tissue Banks).

How much does it cost?2019-10-30T21:30:23+00:00

A. In our experience, the average stem cell therapy ranges between $3,500 and $7,000. Although this may seem like a lot of money, the majority of the time the cost is less than your out of pocket expenses for more traditional therapies. For example, the average total knee replacement costs $50,000 and the client’s responsibility is 20% which is $10,000. And, this does not include the time off work for recovery. In the end, stem cell therapy is a less expensive option for regenerative wellness.

Before contacting us, please understand:

Stem cell therapy and treatments for musculoskeletal conditions are NOT FDA APPROVED. While research has shown that stem cell therapy may offer benefits to patients with orthopedic issues, many of these same studies conclude that further evaluation is needed from large, well-controlled clinical trials to verify possible benefits. We only treat orthopedic issues. We do not treat disease. We do not promise stem cell therapy as a cure for any condition. We provide stem cell therapy as a same day procedure, without manipulation, stimulation, or culturing of cells. Stem Cell therapy does not work for everyone. Results achieved by some patients may not be typical for other patients. There are no guarantees that this treatment will help you. All information on this website including reference to current research journals is for educational purposes only. There is controversy in the medical community about whether umbilical cord blood stem cells are alive or dead. You are encouraged to speak with your private medical doctor to help you decide if our treatments might be beneficial for you.