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Infiniti Cells™ are a simple, safe and regenerative therapy that can stimulate and strengthen your body’s internal repair system.

  • Regenerate, Rebuild and Repair damaged cells

  • Modulate the immune system: (immunomodulatory)

  • Reduce Inflammation (Powerful anti inflammatory properties)

  • Work as an anti viral and anti bacterial

  • Can be given to anyone regardless of age or blood type.

  • Simple. Safe. Accessible. Affordable.

Our approach

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative medicine refers to a type of medicine designed to full heal damaged tissues and organs using treatments like stem cell therapy. By delivering specific types of cells to damaged tissues we can restart the body’s ability to heal itself. The power that created you has the power to Heal you. Using stem cells to ‘kickstart’ the healing process has been shown to have incredible results. The cells help to counteract inflammation that perpetuates tissue damage. Our stem cells can help with neuropathy, joint pain, and ligament injuries. There has even been research showing how stem cells may also help with autoimmune conditions.

Why Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy?

Not only does regenerative medicine offer treatment that surgical options simply cannot, but our treatments do not require the long and arduous rehabilitation process that surgery does. If given the option between non-invasive options and invasive options, the winner seems clear! Our patients have experienced incredible healing results with just one therapy session. Being able to treat serious conditions in an outpatient procedure is why regenerative medicine has become so successful in the medical community.

The Decline of Stem Cells in the Body*

Stem cells decrease and decline with age causing longer repair and recovery times leaving us more prone to injury and disease. Our bodies have large numbers of stem cells in younger years. Stem cells repair muscle, bone, cartilage and tendons.

Stem cells rapidly decline with age
Causing longer repair and recovery times
Leaves us more prone to aging, disease and degeneration

*Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) shown as proportional of total cells in bone marrow.

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Where Do Infiniti™ Cells

Come From?

Infinity Cells are derived from thoroughly screened, human umbilical cords donated from a healthy mother and healthy baby.

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Before contacting us, please understand:

Stem cell therapy and treatments for musculoskeletal conditions are NOT FDA APPROVED. While research has shown that stem cell therapy may offer benefits to patients with orthopedic issues, many of these same studies conclude that further evaluation is needed from large, well-controlled clinical trials to verify possible benefits. We only treat orthopedic issues. We do not treat disease. We do not promise stem cell therapy as a cure for any condition. We provide stem cell therapy as a same day procedure, without manipulation, stimulation, or culturing of cells. Stem Cell therapy does not work for everyone. Results achieved by some patients may not be typical for other patients. There are no guarantees that this treatment will help you. All information on this website including reference to current research journals is for educational purposes only. There is controversy in the medical community about whether umbilical cord blood stem cells are alive or dead. You are encouraged to speak with your private medical doctor to help you decide if our treatments might be beneficial for you.